The story behind how I started learning English at 17 years old

Case Study: Strategic Framework behind CreatorLoop

Background 🤘🏾

Evolution of advertising & Emergence of Creators

Lessons from Virgil Abloh, Michael Seibel, and Charles Hudson

In this post, I reveal patterns and findings from mentoring and helping students get design internships at tech companies

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Fundamentals behind problem-solving

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During my first few internships, I was struggling to understand the bigger picture of projects. I tended to work on assigned tasks and not questioning my manager's requests or gain deeper understanding. One of my learnings was that when working at a startup, you should understand that it is a…


I am currently a 4th year student at the University of Waterloo in Liberal arts. In addition to having started a venture, Node App, I also landed an internship at Google as a UX Designer. Throughout my time at university, I did multiple internships in roles ranging from design research…

Mackenzie Derival

Creating a world of abundance through design. Co-Founder at NodeApp | Ex-Google Designer

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